Module 1 Kit

This is the magical kit to support your work in Module 1 of The Calling course. This comes with specially curated items that I personally handpicked, blessed, and/or handmade. I put these kits together so that you may experience the magick and blessings that I have received through working with these tools. They are a great value. I didn’t intend on selling these to make money. I just wanted this to be available and as affordable as possible, so that you can feel the supportive magick of these pieces that I lovingly made and/or blessed.

  • 1 Blessed 108 Seed Rudraksha Mala
  • 1 Ganesha Beeswax Votive Candle to Clear Obstacles and Welcome Blessings
  • 1 Ganesha Altar Bell to Welcome the Energies of Spirit (Bringing Heaven to Earth)
  • 8 All-natural Incense Sticks for Invoking Ganesha and Clearing Obstacles
  • 1 Divine Eye Incense Stick and Cone holder

The deeper magick of these items

Rudraksha Mala
Legends state that Rudraksha were initially the tears of shiva. It is believed that the Rudraksha contains the secrets of the entire evolution of Cosmos within it. Many yogis, gurus, priests, and spiritualists wear Rudraksha to lead a peaceful life and also for deeper meditation. It is said that it helps maintain good health, gain self-empowerment and lead a fearless life. Rudraksha beads are renowned for their divine protection and healing properties.
I personally chose Rudraksha as the mala for this course because I personally love the energy of this sacred seed. I have worked with a few different crystal malas in my practice, but the first time I wore my Rudraksha I felt this intense energy of peace and focus that was very distinct and comforting. I didn’t know much about rudraksha at the time, as I just felt called to purchase one at a temple and I’m so grateful that I did. I now wear mine regularly during my one on one sessions and I also wear them when I go out if I need an extra layer of peaceful protection.
We will be using a mala throughout the course for reciting mantras, so if you don’t already have one this one is perfect for the course. Malas allow the user to keep count of mantra recitation, allowing them to stay focused, calm and relaxed while repeating a mantra 108 times. This supports the ability to focus on frequency, and sound so that a deeper meditation is achieved. 

I will be teaching more in depth about the magick of Rudraksha during this module, but just know that the magick in these is potent. I individually hand blessed each one, carefully anointing each seed with loving intentions. This is actually one of the main reasons why I’m so excited about offering these kits!

Ganesha Beeswax Candle
I handmade these while invoking the benevolent energies of Ganesha. These are all natural and contain the essential oils of Davana, Australian Sandalwood, May Chang, and Cinnamon. These were meant as an offering to help clear any obstacles in that may be in the way of your expansion, while also welcoming empowerment and blessings.
Why beeswax? I initially started working with beeswax actually transitioning from working solely with soy wax because of environmental impact. While I still have some soy wax left, I can no longer confidently support any of the companies that I see online because I simply don’t have any solid information if the procuring of the soy may be linked to deforestation or any other destructive means. This lead me to start researching more about beeswax. Working with a small bee-keeping farm gives me more confidence that they are working in harmony to support the bees and it’s a better choice for our planet.
After learning more about beeswax and the many healing properties of bee magick in general, makes me feel that this transition is better for our planet, but also has many amazing properties that I will discuss in the module.

Ganesha Altar Bell
This bell has a beautiful sound and can be used to invoke the energy of spirit. Ganesha is a deity who is sometimes placed at the entrance of temples with a gong or bell to ring. This is to ask for blessings, but also symbolizes that one is entering into sacred space. Ringing a bell is very powerful for moving into sacred space, clearing energy, and also calling in spiritual support. Before starting class, you may ring this blessed bell to clear space and welcome yourself into the sacred spiritual container of the course.

Ganesha Blessings Obstacle Clearing/Transformation Incense
To me, scent can be a very important pathway to spirit. Allowing the mind to expand into states of remembering sacred spaces that are encoded into our soul’s DNA. The sacred smoke also helps to carry messages to our divine allies for support and blessings. A gift that many people tend to overlook is our ability to connect scent to times, places, and memories. I have always been drawn to the gift of aromatics and its ability to transport us through time and space. This was actually my gateway into magick!
I made these incense sticks only using the sacred plants davana, cinnamon, may chang, and Australian Sandalwood. I wanted you to experience the power of these beautiful plants through experience their fragrant essence unadulterated with artificial fragrance. This is pure plant magick.
Also the alchemy of burning these plants for blessings is a whole other experience! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fiery Aries lady, but I absolutely love the aroma of sacred smoke. It is an experience that has always transported me to my souls memories of communing with fire, earth, and air.
I truly wanted you to experience the essence of these plants. Perhaps the fragrance will take you to a place that your soul remembers.
I’m excited to offer these sacred incense to help you clear any obstacles and welcome spiritual expansion/transformation- connecting you to divine streams of support.

Divine Eye Incense Holder
I just love the symbol of the divine eye, a symbol of divine connection, expansion, and protection. These were hand carved in India made from soapstone.

May the energies of the sacred kit support you on your divine path.
Please only purchase one kit per student.

See dropdown to purchase the full kit or the kit without the incense holder for a discount.


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