Hey y’all! Rannie (Au Go Go) Rodil here. I am an initiated priestess, spiritual healer, & psychic medium dedicated to serving spirit & humanity using my divine gifts. Work with spirit, deity, and elemental guides is my life and I do this lovingly in order to heal and strengthen our relationships with the supernatural and Mama Earth. Through this sacred work, my clients and friends have experienced deep spiritual healing, divine manifestation, and other very profound miracles.

At a young age, I could see and feel spirit and for the a longest time I did everything in my power to try to block those gifts. This lead to anxiety, depression, and eventually substance abuse in my young adult life. I eventually came to realize that alcohol and all the other crap I was taking wasn’t numbing my connection to spirit as intended. It was actually lowering my vibration and making me more susceptible to lower vibrational entities. Sometimes to a point where an entity would take control of my body to reveal messages from the recently deceased to random acquaintances and strangers. Now those were scary fucking times that I’m happy I can now look back at and laugh. Ha! I mean, the people who received the messages were astonished and grateful, but I wasn’t trying to have ghosts talk through me, like I was some sorta spiritual megaphone.

It may seem cliche, but there’s really no denying a spiritual calling. I must say that there was a long period of time where I was content with blazing through life as a wacky artist fueled with booze and wild adventures. Severe anxiety and the thought that I was regularly poisoning myself was fine, totally fine. It wasn’t until I eventually had a full on spiritual intervention (which involved possession) from my ancestors, guides, and patron deities, that I finally realized it was imperative that I clean up my act and start pursuing my true calling as a spiritual healer and walker of both worlds. I now understand that a part of my path was to lean deep into the darkness in order to find my own special light. Experiencing the darkest of times has given me the insight to compassionately guide others where ever they may be on their path. If I could get out of where I was with the help of spirit, I know I can help others do the same.

I am now an initiated priestess, spiritual guide, energetic healer, and mystic teacher. I guess in a sense, one could call me a shaman, a witch, an oracle, but I honestly haven’t felt the correct term to fully encompass what I am truly capable of. It’s gotten to the point where I can confidently say fuck the labels. I work in service with the divine to help humanity get it’s shit together. I’ve witnessed enough through this work to every day be complete awe and utter gratitude knowing that there is always more…infinite love and boundless potential. Every moment truly is a blessing.

So basically, I work full time with spirit- helping people make meaningful connections with the beyond, mending ancestral wounds, and performing spiritual/energetic healings to those who need it. I also teach other spiritually gifted individuals how to connect and work more deeply with their unique gifts. I can honestly say that every day I wake up excited to do the work that I do knowing that I have the opportunity to help others make profound spiritual connections that are nourishing to the soul. I feel so honored to see and experience the warmth and love created through spiritual healing. When I receive the wonderful feedback that I have touched peoples’ spirits in such beautiful ways, and changed lives for the better, my heart swells with gratitude. I feel blessed to finally have true purpose. I get to talk to ghosts every day and show people that miracles are real, so I guess that’s pretty fucking cool. It might seem wild to work with spirits, entities, and deity everyday, but nothing in my life ever fully made sense until I started working with both worlds and helping others make their own divine connections. 

If you would like to experience the wonders of spiritual healing and connecting with the divine, feel free to book a private one-on-one session with me. If you have any questions send me a message and I’ll do my best to find the time to reply.

*I am not a medical doctor and my services are in no way a replacement for medical and psychological support from licensed doctors. I believe spiritual support is a great supplement to enrich one’s life, but is not a replacement to medical and psychiatric assessment and support.

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* I also have free classes, guided activation/healing journeys, and learning resources here on this website and on my youtube channel on spiritual transformation, spiritual development, and healing.

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