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I’m gonna be real with you. The path through magical transformation is not fucking easy. These aren’t some airy fairy, love and light, spiritual bypassing, ignore your problems, and manifest to your delight types of courses. You will be unearthing a lot about yourself, in order to heal and integrate all parts of who you are in order to work your magick to the fullest. This is what real alchemical transformation is. It takes courage, time, and patience to get the real work done. Some may find comfort in doing this work alone, but it’s always good to have a nice community to share with on your journey.

There is a private facebook group for the courses at:

I want you to feel free to share whatever you are comfortable with sharing on your journey. Maybe you’ll just want to join, so you can lurk. That’s fine, too. I think there will be a fine mix of internal and external processors in our group. Sometimes you’ll find that members of the community may propose ideas and questions that really resonate with you. Maybe there are lot of funny memes that you’ll see or share that really vibe with the course work.
In any case, I’d like to welcome and encourage you to join the online Facebook group. It’ll be a fun and easily accessible space for us to share all things related to magick, spirituality, healing, and transformation. I’ll be posting regularly in this group to check in on y’all, share tips, and recipes, and maybe do a live every now and then.