-Mediumship (Spirit communication)
-Healing: Spiritual, Ancestral, Emotional, and Physical (if the ailment is spirit/energy based)
-Bone divination
-Home clearing and blessing
-Energy alignments
-Prosperity blessings
-Spiritual guidance

During a session, I use my clair-gifts and deep connection with spirit and the divine to help pinpoint areas in which change, assistance, and/or healing is needed. With the help of my spirit guides, elemental guides, deity, & source I’m able to connect with my client’s spirit team to gather insight and actionable messages specific in assisting a client with their needs. Whether you need assistance with spiritual issues, connection with a passed loved one, spiritual healing, ancestral healing, spiritual cleansing, release of negative energies/entities, or simply guidance with life in general, we are here to bring light to areas in your life that need more clarity and support. My sessions are meant to shift your energy in alignment to your highest good. If you feel stuck, need healing, or spiritual assistance, my work with spirit heals, clear blockages, and gets you moving in the right direction. 

Every session is unique, as I use mediumship (communicate with spirit) sacred bones, various oracle tools, and special offerings to spirit to ensure that I can offer the most beneficial experience to suit the needs of those who work with me. If I’m guided to do so, and with the client’s permission, I may also call upon deity/source in order to help move energies that no longer serve the client out of their field. These “negative”, stagnant, or low vibrational energies have many sources and can sometimes cause anxiety, depression, unrest, the inability to manifest, and sometimes physical illness. With the help of spirit, I can also facilitate remote home clearings, cleansings, and blessings. I can also help call in the spiritual support and protection as needed. If there are obstacles that are in the way of your highest good, I would be happy to call on spirit to assist in overcoming them. This can all be done remotely. There are no barriers when it comes to the power of spirit working for your greatest good.

As a holistic spirit worker, my goal is to assist in widening your perspective, no matter where you are on your path. I anticipate that with the guidance of spirit, you may learn practical ways to heal and enhance your spiritual and emotional health while making profound connections with your ancestors, deity, and universal love. 

Because of the deep nature of my sessions, I only offer sessions of 1 hour (sometimes we’ll go a little over, sometimes a little less, if we feel the work has been satisfied). I am now honoring a pay-what-you-can donation based system. During these times, I am here to assist anyone who can benefit from my work, regardless of financial status. Sessions via Zoom. I accept credit card payments via PayPal or Venmo.

Please keep in mind that my time and work is very sacred. Here are a few things to take note of before booking with me:

-Sessions are pay-what-you-can in order to better serve the collective as a whole. Please don’t take this as an offering for cheap services. I treat everyone the same regardless of their financial status. These sessions are very powerful and sometimes life changing, which is why I want anyone who can benefit from my work to be able to have access. If you can’t afford much, do not worry you get the same services. If you can afford more, it is appreciated that you pay more. I trust that those who book with me will honor this.
-After booking, appointment is not solidified until I personally email you with confirmation. I use my discernment to know whether my services will be a right fit for you at the time you select.
-You will be asked to give me some details as to why you are booking with me in the booking form. Please fill that in. It doesn’t have to be an essay. It will help me better understand how to approach our session. If you just need general guidance, state this.
-I never work magick against a person’s own will. Please don’t ask me to hex, put love spells, etc on other people. This not the work I do. If you wish to have me heal someone other than yourself, I would need that person’s permission.

-Must be over 18 to book a session. Clients under 18 must have parent’s permission and parent must be present for the session.
-If you need to cancel a session please give me at least 24 hour notice.

If you are called to have a session with me, you can use the booking calendar below.


Donations/payments greatly appreciated via PayPal or Venmo.