Our session set something in motion.

In my session with Rannie, I was able to breathe easily because she felt the presence of my strong spirit family. She was able to tap into a lot of ancestral noise. My lineage has definitely dealt with a lot of persecution, injustice, fear, anger, and limitations of who they could be during their lifetime especially the women in my line. It has always felt like a big weight that I have had to carry unconsciously. Our session made it conscious and accessible to me that I was not alone. I was surrounded by an incredible group of ancient ancestors, guardians, and angels that are helping me remember parts of myself. Thanks to Rannie, I am on a deep path to healing my divine feminine energy so that I may be a more compassionate and loving individual to myself, those closest to me, and anyone I cross paths with. I am so grateful to Rannie for opening my eyes and soul to this knowing. Thank you Rannie and I wish you many blessings in return.

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