Grateful for my ancestral healing transformation

Rannie came into my life when I was hopeless. I felt lost and was doubting everything in my life. My faith was non existent. I first heard about Rannie and her story on a podcast she was a guest on. Her story really called me to her. After hearing about her healing stories, I felt that maybe she could help me. I scheduled a session with Rannie and let me tell you; I felt so light after our first session. I felt like I had a voice again after struggling for so long. My anxiety and depression started to let up. Working with her has truly helped me transform into the person I am meant to be. I left a horrible relationship that I couldn’t get the strength to leave until I was cleansed. I got a job I dreamt of having. Life is not perfect but it’s right where I need to be and I honestly couldn’t thank Rannie enough for all the love and light she’s given me to help me succeed. I feel more of a connection with my ancestors and loved ones. My spirit team. I have come back to myself little by little and I’m forever grateful. I am continuing my life journey and couldn’t ask for a better spiritual guide than Rannie. I recommend her 1000% to everyone I hear or see struggling. She is a beautiful spirit that this world needs. 🤍

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