A Spiritual healing that was way overdo!

Rannie is the real deal! I came to her after listening about her though the podcast, stories with Saphire. I was felt drawn to the episode that she was in, I had not listened to her full story just yet. This year I started listening to the podcast so I had no idea or much knowledge of her. I skipped all the other stories and went straight to the newest one (at the time). After hearing her story in the devotee series I went to her website and just felt drawn to reach out. Now, I was so nervous and excited and scared. But honestly I’m glad I took that leap of faith. Because of Rannie, the years long torment my family has gone through with whatever negative energy was plaguing us, especially my younger brother, has finally left us. And for the first time ever, we have felt peace. My brother no longer is tormented with the nightmares, the visions and the burst of anger and hatred that has been with him since he was a child. He has no idea I did this ancestral healing. So to see in these 2 weeks and half the shift is huge! My connection to my siblings, one I have craved for so long is finally happening after the ancestral healing. The healing has started between the relationship with my mother and myself. I am feeling so much peace. Honestly Rannie is the most amazing person, she is hands down the real deal! I wish I had learned of her sooner. She was really spot on in my readings. This was a healing that really was way overdo! My family doesn’t seem clouded with shadows and being at my parents house doesn’t feel oppressive anymore. Her telling me that my ancestors are proud of me, really made me cry after my session. Because I have never heard those words from my own parents or family, and spirit and my ancestors knew I needed to know that. Honestly I am really ready to continue on my healing and spiritual journey. I can’t recommend her enough!

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