Throughout this series, I will be posting my own PDF notes to go with each video. You don’t have to worry about taking your own notes, unless that’s your thing. You can reference these notes here, save them on your device, or print them out. At the end of the course these PDF’s can be put together as a magical handbook. Class links and PDF’s below. (Ordered from newest to oldest)

Ch. 3 Pt.4 Ancestral Healing & Chapter 3 Review Live Recording

After months of prep, a lot of time, prayer, & offerings- I will be finally offering my most powerful collective ritual for ancestral healing. It’s for anyone who feels called to connect with, heal, & honor their ancestors- those who have paved the paths that we now walk upon. These ancestral rituals are extremely healing. I have seen miracles through this work- blockages removed, family patterns of physical & emotional ailments healed, relationships rekindled, paths to prosperity and love revealed… I am honored to be called to be a vessel for this work for the collective, for spirit, and for our creator.

This will be pay what you can for anyone how is called to join. Donations are accepted, but not necessary.

Ch. 3 Pt.3 Ancestral Altars: Creating a Sacred Space to Connect w/Our Ancestors

Ch. 3 Pt.2 Ancestral Connection & Nourishing Our Relationships w/ Our Ancestors

Ch. 3 Pt.1 Connecting with Earth and Healing the Root Chakra Class & Guided Journey

Notes for Chapter 3 pt 1 Connecting with Earth and Healing the Root Chakra

Chapter 2 Pt. 6 Live Q&A and Journey/Meditation for Receiving Key 2 to Release Energies that do not Serve You

During this live, I will answer your questions then take you on a guided journey receive your 2nd key. This key will help you release energies that do not serve you. (Destructive patterns, limiting beliefs, harmful emotions, spiritual blockages, shitty people, etc…) Now think about what you want to release and remember- no goals are impossible when it comes to working with spirit, if they are in alignment with your highest good. ❤️🌬🌞🌟🔥🌊❤️

*No class notes for live sessions.

Chapter 2 Pt.5 Tips Empaths, Psychics, and Sensitives: Tap into your Superpowers!

Chapter 2 Pt.4 Spiritually Charged Floor Wash to Clear Negativity & Welcome Love & Spirituality DIY

Chapter 2 Pt.3 Spiritually Charged Floor Wash to Clear Negativity & Welcome Love & Spirituality DIY

Chapter 1 Introduction to Magick & Spiritual Transformation Pt.3

Ch. 1 Pt. 3 There are no notes for this class. Chapter 1 Q&A.
We then go into the guided journey for the 1st of 7 keys of this course. This key is to connect you to your your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, guardians, and spirit team on a deeper level. Welcoming healing and better energetic flow through your system. Enjoy the journey!