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Psychic Medium Intuitive Healer Divine Leader

Hey y’all! Rannie Au Go Go here. Word around the spiritual grapevine is that many of you are going to start need some solid guidance in tapping into your supernatural gifts. I’m an initiated priestess, intuitive healer, & psychic medium dedicated to serving spirit & humanity using my divine gifts. Through my work with spirit, deity, and ascended masters, my friends and clients have experienced deep healing, divine manifestation, and other very profound miracles. Now, I want to help you remember your own divinity.

I believe anyone can tap into these gifts with work and dedication, which is why I haven been driven to put this magical series together. Magick Au Go Go is a series of classes that spirit guided me to put together about magick and spiritual transformation. This is ancient knowledge and it is your divine right to know these ways. It is my honor to use the gifts that I have been given to light the path for those who are searching for magical guidance and spiritual transformation.

At a young age, I could see and feel spirit. For a long time, I did everything in my power to try to block those gifts. This lead to alcoholism, anxiety, and depression in my young adult life. I didn’t realize the alcohol was actually lowering my vibration and making me more susceptible to lower vibrational entities. Sometimes to a point where an entity would take control of my body to reveal a message from the recently deceased to a loved one at random. Now those were scary fucking times. Ha! I mean the people who received the messages were astonished and grateful, but I wasn’t trying to have ghosts talk through me, like I was some sorta spiritual megaphone.

It may seem cliche, but there’s really no denying a spiritual calling. It wasn’t until I had a real spiritual intervention from my ancestors and patron deities, that I cleaned up my act and started pursuing my true path as a healer and walker of both worlds. I realize that part of my path was to lean deep into the darkness in order to find my own special light. I now work full time with spirit- helping people make meaningful connections with their loved ones, mending ancestral wounds, and giving spiritual guidance and healing to those who need it. I feel blessed to finally have true purpose. It might seem wild to work with ghosts and deity everyday, but nothing in my life ever made more sense. Ashe and so it is.

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During a reading, I use my clair-gifts and deep connection with spirit and the divine to help pinpoint areas in which change, assistance, and/or healing is needed. With the help of my spirit guides, elemental guides, deity, & ancestors I’m able to connect with my client’s spirit team to gather insight and clear actionable messages specific in assisting a client with their needs. Whether you need assistance with spiritual issues, connection with a passed loved one, or simply guidance with life in general, we are here to bring light to areas in your life that need more clarity and support.

Every reading is unique, as I use sacred bones, various oracle tools, and special offerings to spirit to ensure that I can offer the most beneficial experience to suit the needs of those who work with me. If I’m guided to do so, and with the client’s permission, I may also call upon deity in order to help move energies that no longer serve the client out of their field. These “negative”, stagnant, or low vibrational energies have many sources and can sometimes cause anxiety, depression, unrest, the inability to manifest, and sometimes physical illness. With the help of spirit, I can also facilitate remote home clearings, cleansings, and blessings. There are no barriers when it comes to the power of spirit.

As a holistic spirit worker, my goal is to assist in widening your perspective, no matter where you are on your path. I anticipate that with the guidance of spirit, you may learn practical ways to heal and enhance your spiritual and emotional health while making profound connections with your ancestors, deity, and universal love.

Because of the deep nature of my readings, I only offer sessions of 1 hour (sometimes we’ll go a little over), but never less. My current rate for a 1 hour session is $200 via Zoom or Facetime. I accept credit card payments via PayPal or Venmo.

If you have any questions or are interested in having a session, please leave a message for me in the form below.

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